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This reason to believe the Bible is so mathematically sound, long-age evolutionary scientists have to use their utmost cunning to try to explain it away.

In 1999 AD the world’s population reached six billion or 6000 million people. It reached seven billion on October 31, 2011.


Rate of population growth

Sceptics who don’t believe in the Bible and are not aware of mathematical probability wonder how the earth’s population could have reached six billion in just 4500 years approximately, since the flood of Noah. In fact the exact science of mathematics shows that it is quite easy.

The real question long-age evolutionists and non-believers need to answer is: If humans have been around for at least a million years,19 why are there not many more people than there are?

The reason that earth’s population has reached such huge proportions in a relatively short time is because of the rate of population growth. When earth’s human population doubled from its original two people to four people, the growth rate seemed quite small, but it is the same rate as when earth’s population doubled from three billion to six billion.

World population growth can be established by a mathematical formula (see over page), to prove that the earth can be overpopulated in a few thousand years. Evolutionists argue that plagues, wars and disasters have had the effect of keeping the human population in check. On the contrary, there have been well-documented plagues such as the Justinian plague of 540–590 AD; the Black Death of 1348–1380 AD which took a combined total of 250 million lives; the influenza epidemic of 1918–1919 which took 25 million lives, more than the total lives lost in World War I; and China’s great famine of 1959–1961 which took 30 million lives. Such dreadful losses, however, were quickly made up for by subsequent rates of increase among the survivors.20

The present rate of population growth is 1.7 per cent per year i.e. for every 100 million people 1.7 million are added every year, allowing for those who die during the year.21 This compares with a growth rate of 0.5 per cent per year, since the Noahic flood. The current high growth rate is partly because of antibiotics and other medical marvels, but mainly because of the high birth rate in developing countries. The growth rate in some developed countries is currently just 0.5 per cent per annum. Nevertheless, a continued growth rate of 1.7 per cent per annum, using the formula, would double the present world population in less than 50 years; others confidently predict there will be around nine billion people by 2050.29 One scientific solution is to aim for zero population growth, otherwise “we will cease to exist”.20
Pn = 2 (Cn-x+1)(Cx-1) / (C-1)

Where n = the number of generations; C=Children; x=average number of generations alive; P=The population after n generations and generation is 35 years.

Zero population growth?

Zero population growth means that each family should produce just two children to keep population at its present level, meaning the growth rate is 2.0 children per family. Reasonably accurate data about earth’s population are available for only the last 2000 years or so. Over that period of time the population growth has been an average of 2.1 children per family.

Evolutionary time scales on the other hand require that the average number of offspring should be just 2.0026 children per family—a huge difference! Such a tiny rate of increase indicates that at any stage the whole of humanity was close to extinction since new births barely keep up with deaths. It has to be asked: why such an enormous jump in only the last 2000 years? 20
These figures alone show that population facts fit the Bible chronology very well and not the assumed evolutionary time scales. The Bible is much more scientifically and mathematically correct than evolutionism.

Bible chronology—Noah’s family

If we consider Bible chronology now it can be calculated from the Bible that Noah’s flood was approximately 2500 BC, and the Bible assures us that only eight people survived the flood—Noah, his wife, their three sons and their wives (Gen. 7:7; 10:1).

A rough guide to show the accuracy of the Bible is the simple process of doubling. The first doubling of the eight from Noah’s family who survived the flood gives 16 people; the second doubling 32; the third 64, etc., as in the table below:
16 (1) (first doubling)
32 (2) (second doubling)
64 (3) (third doubling)
128 (4) etc
256 (5) etc
512 (6)
1,024 (7)
2,048 (8)
4,096 (9)
8,192 (10)
16,384 (11)
32,768 (12)
65,536 (13)
131,072 (14)
262,144 (15)
524,288 (16)
1,048,576 (17)
2,097,152 (18)
4,194,304 (19)
8,388,608 (20)
16,777,216 (21)
33,544,432 (22)
67,108,864 (23)
134,217,728 (24)
268,435,456 (25)
536,870,912 (26)
1,073,741,824 (27)
2,147,483,648 (28)

By 1930 AD the world’s population was approximately two billion, so it is clear from the table above that a total of approximately two billion is reached in just 28 doublings of population. Dividing the number of years (2500 + 1930 = 4430 years) by 28 gives 158.2 years as the average number of years for each doubling of world population.

Bible chronology—Israel

The Bible also gives accurate genealogical and chronological records of God’s people the Jews. The reason for choosing 1930 AD above is that the Jews’ population at that time was known to be about 18 million—before the Nazi holocaust. As noted in chapter two, the Jews are the children of Israel (Jacob), who had 12 sons around 1800 BC approximately. The first doubling of population gives 24 people; the second 48; the third 96 etc., as in the table below:

Jacob’s sons:
24 (1) (first doubling)
48 (2) (second doubling)
96 (3) etc
192 (4) etc
384 (5)
768 (6)
1,536 (7)
3,072 (8)
6,144 (9)
12,288 (10)
24,576 (11)
49,152 (12)
98,304 (13)
196,608 (14)
393,216 (15)
786,432 (16)
1,572,864 (17)
3,145,728 (18)
6,291,456 (19)
12,582,912 (20)

Continuing the process, it can be shown that 18 million is reached after 20.52 doublings. By dividing the number of years (1800 + 1930 = 3730 years) by 20.52 gives 181.8 years, as the average for each doubling of Jewish population. Just as there have been variables in the total world population, so the Jews have suffered many persecutions and wars over the years, reducing their population drastically. The Bible records many of the losses through battles with surrounding nations but, as previously noted, they also lost a million people in the destruction of Jerusalem in AD 70 by the Romans and another million were lost in the Bar Kochba revolution of AD 135, also inflicted by Roman troops. Persecution in Europe by the Roman Catholic Church kept their population from expanding at all until the Reformation and, even then, pogroms in Russia and elsewhere kept a check on their numbers. The Jewish population only began to increase again in the 1700s. Free of persecution the Jews have the capacity to increase their population more rapidly than the rest of the world’s because of their stringent health requirements under the Law of Moses. In the past this has only happened in times of stability and protection by God, firstly in Egypt before the exodus (Exod. 1:19–20), then under such people as Joshua and the Maccabees. Nevertheless, persecution has taken such a huge toll that Jewish population, as a percentage of world population in the dark ages, was less than it was during the time of Joshua.20

Evolutionary model absurd

Keeping these facts in mind it is hardly surprising that the average number of years for doubling of Jewish population is somewhat higher than for the world average.

It could be argued that the above mathematical process is too simplistic and fails to account for variables. However, such an argument is of no practical value because, using the formula for population growth in paragraph four, the Jewish and world population growths are almost identical.

Whichever method is used, the growth rates are still much more realistic than for the evolutionary model. David Attenborough wrote, “Upright man was in Europe in some numbers about a million years ago,”19 however most evolutionists vary in their opinions. Using the same formula for population growth mentioned already, it can be calculated that after one million years, the world’s population would be 3.7x 102091 people, which is absurd, as the number of electrons in the universe is only 1090.

Even if we take a very conservative amount of time, quite outside the evolutionary model, and say for argument’s sake that man has existed for only 100 000 years—with a population of two billion in 1930, that’s 30 doublings since 98 070 BC, giving 3333 years for each doubling of population! Which is the more reasonable number—158 years on average, or 3333 years on average?

Population facts prove that the Bible is true. They prove that the world was deluged in Noah’s day and only his family survived. The theory of evolution has again been shown to be unproven and unprovable, and the Bible emerges triumphant.